Our Ethos

For the love of food

By no means are we global intercontinental travellers but when we do go away on holiday, invariably the food (and wine) becomes an important part of the trip.   Wherever we are, being thrifty Yorkshire folk means we tend to lean towards local and rustic, rather than the extravagant and expensive. Finding hidden gems in the back streets and alleyways of cities like Barcelona or Rome, or following the recommendations of friends or Trip Advisor has always provided many a lasting memory. 

It was whilst in Rome for a weekend in 2019 that we came across Cantina Dei Papi.  A deli where you could also sit in and order a board of meat and cheese accompanied by fresh bread and a nice glass of wine.  The simplicity and relaxed atmosphere made for a great evening and sparked the thought that bringing something similar to where we live would be a hit with our friends and anyone who likes great food.

It always felt like a dream with no base in reality as we both worked office based jobs that we were not happy in but that paid the mortgage and afforded us a comfortable lifestyle.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that life is for living and you need to chase your dreams, as nobody is likely to deliver them to you on a platter.  Through a series of unexpected events the train to middle age mediocracy that we were travelling on became derailed and the dream of Pavé was born.  We opened in February 2021 and matters progressed quickly so that by February 2023, we had also extended into an adjacent building. This means we are able to provide our food and drinks to even more customers.

Why do we use the French term 'Charcuterie' then if we have been inspired by Italy?  Well the simple answer is that the French do a great job in taking the best produce not only from their native land but also from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany and all over Europe.  We have also driven through France on a number of occasions and whether a countryside tavern, Parisian Cafe, village market or even a service station the food is always good and the French will not settle for anything less.

Add to this, the fact that we live in Gods own country 'Yorkshire' and we are surrounded by fantastic farmers and produce, we wanted to support them and the local economy and showcase local suppliers.